Palmer Strubhar

Below are my past works, from writing/art contests, my own personal poetry, and articles from my high school's yearbook, of which I was a Senior Editor.


"The four kids had originally gathered around a notebook. Then a phone, then a laptop, and finally, the cabin wall, once Brett received a projector for his fourteenth birthday. After that, the calendars and pictures decorating the wall were taken down, thrown in a closet, the tacks loose in a desk. Despite the holes, scratches, and the lines detailing how tall Brett was from 2006 to 2010, the kids greedily feasted their eyes upon the wall as if it was there one true vice, like an alcoholic to whiskey."

How Jails Are Overlooking Prisoners' First Amendment Rights

" states that most judges can agree that, “your beliefs don’t have to be associated with a traditional or even an established religion to be “religious.’” The reasoning behind this is saying that while your vegetarianism/veganism may not be typical of your religion- whether that be the 227.9 million Christians, 2.23 million Hindus or 3.45 million Muslims in the US- they are beliefs nonetheless."

Lights Out (Yearbook Article)

"The night before, students took cover in their storm shelters. They thought that nights of listening to the weathermans' warnings about tornados and flooding were well in the past, for a few more months, at least. Students were proven wrong, though, when their electricity started flickering and their cell phones beeped due to flash flood warnings. Expecting a night filled with hail, rain, and wind, students went to bed dreading the conditions of the roads in the morning."